Our Background

The founders of Norsaf Humanitarian Aid Logistics have been in the Maritime industry for over 20 years respectively. During their tenure at a global conglomerate, Wilhelmsen Ships Service, they were able to lead, manage and experience the Africa operations especially in North and East Africa. As seasoned qualified Logisticians, they opened up new offices and built a good network of Agents throughout Africa. The aim of the professional network was to handle many complex project cargo into Africa using best practice models already created in South Africa. It was during a visit to Djibouti in early 2011 that the founders discovered that apart from Project cargos moving into Africa, the poverty situation in many of the African countries resulted in much humanitarian aid cargo being gifted to Africa. They discovered that a large percentage of operating costs for humanitarian aid was allocated to admin and other operational costs instead of actual humanitarian aid being distributed to the poor beneficiaries. The cost of admin and operation including logistics exceeded 50% of the value of humanitarian aid gifted to people. There was clearly a need for more competent and cost saving solutions for Humanitarian Aid logistics into Africa. The founders returned to South Africa and developed a business model that would create efficiency, trust, competency, patriotism, dedication, cost saving, Ubuntu and simple logistics and distribution models for Humanitarian Aid Logistics. Norsaf Humanitarian Aid Logistics (NHAL) was established.

Our Philosophy

For Employees

Develop and improve
Maintain a favourable working environment.
Expand knowledge base
Individual growth
Local expertise

For Shareholders

Sustainable growth
Innovative business plan
Proudly South African
Giving back to the people of

For Society

Ambassador for South Africa
Respect for human rights
Proudly South African
Most good procured in South
Respect for the Environment

For Customers

Long term partnerships
Solution providers
Strong local expertise and
understanding of Supply
chain and Humanitarinian
and disaster relief
Experience – over 20 years
Worked with WFP, UNHCR
DIRCO, SADC, Gift of the
Givers, Marys Meals Scotland

Our Team

Prean Pather


21 years Shipping experience Managing Director and Area Director for Wilhelmsen Ships Service South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti, Egypt and Indian Ocean…

Vishen Govender


15 Years Shipping Experience Supply Manager for Wilhelmsen Ships Service South Africa and Namibia – 2003-2007 Logistics Manager for Wilhelmsen Ships Service South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique…

Chanchal Pather

BA (Ind Psy) (isi Zulu), BA Hons (English), Completing MSocSc (Social Policy) 18 years experience – Adult Literacy – (isiZulu, English), Logistics, Supply Chain, Social…

Tammy Govender

BSC (Computer Science and Information Technology), BSC Hons (Computer Science) 6 years experience at Astel Systems (Silver Microsoft Partner) – Computer Systems…

Contact Personnel

Management / Operations

  • Chanchal Pather
  • Tammy Govender
  • Linda Zuze
  • Lindi Gumede
  • Prean Pather
  • Vishen Govender