Our Mission

Africa’s First Humanitarian Solution Provider which focuses on offering total end to end humanitarian aid logistics solutions to NGO’s, NPO’s & Government organizations.

The only company that offers total Supply chain management for Disaster Relief, Shipping, Logistics, warehousing and procurement solutions due to expertise and knowledge of the members as well as their knowledge of the markets.

Philosophy based on transparent pricing, trust, quality and service

Long term relationships with key suppliers and other service providers result in better pricing, savings passed on to our customers

Lower overhead / administration costs means more value of humanitarian aid being delivered to the beneficiaries

Long standing agreements in place with Agents in key areas throughout Africa and the rest of the world for end to end logistics including distribution, warehousing and tally audits.

A neutral partner to all NGO’s, NPO’s & Governments via a 3 Step Program to assist in time & cost management to allow more efforts to be spent on aid instead of procurement & logistics.

Step 1

Offer a procurement solution packaged for different campaigns such as Disaster relief, Hunger & Water crisis, medical etc. We create campaigns for the different programs.

Step 2

Offer Logistics solution via. Land, Air & Sea depending on the time sensitivity of the program. We have exclusive agreements in place with all our service providers.

Step 3

Offering the last mile solution for Humanitarian Aid Distribution, via. Partnering with other NGO’s / NPO’s last mile distribution leg or using our network of Agents in respective countries.

Key Services Per Division

Procurement and transportation

When we receive your request for goods and services, we offer the most cost-effective way to deliver them in line with your specifications and timescales


Our network of storage facilities, operated by specialist staff, allows us to ensure safe and efficient receipt, warehousing and dispatch of relief supplies.

Contingency Stock

We don’t hold contingency stock but have agreements with our service providers to have goods available to us within a 24 hour basis on fast moving goods and 36 hours for other larger items. We can store additional relief items in our warehouses upon request.


To provide a consistent and standardized level of service to meet our customers needs as well as future needs. We will use the latest systems and procedures to ensure that these needs are met. We will align ourselves with suppliers and service providers that meet the highest quality standards as set in South Africa.


Our members have years of experience in all aspects of shipping, Humanitarian Aid procurement and logistics. We have a pool of dedicated personnel focused on Marine procurement, Logistics services, Technical Services and Marine business consulting.


Due to our involvement in various business segments we can offer integrated solutions for customers that includes shipping of cargo, Humanitarian Aid procurement, freight forwarding, equipment control / tracking, Tally, Audit, distribution, warehousing and business consulting.