Cereals – Maize (Corn) , Pasta, Rice, Sorghum, Wheat

Pulses – Beans, Lentils, Peas

Edible Oils – Ghee, Vegetable, Vegetable Oils

Canned Food – Cheese, chicken, corned beef, fish, ready meal, tomato paste

Other food products – Baby food, coffee, Iodized salt, seasoning cube, sugar, white, crystal
tea, black, yeast

Nutrition specialised products – Emergency Food Ration bar, Lipid Nutrient Supplement
paste, Minerals and vitamins complement (Fortified), Multiple micronutrients paste,
ready to use therapeutic food bar, Super cereal plus (corn soya blend fortified), Super cereal
with sugar, Therapeutic milk powder, Therapeutic milk powder ready to use

Food parcels – For one person, For family of 4.
Each parcel for 1 person has the following items; Salt, sugar, yeast, fish, pasta, rice, oil, beans

Specification of food items available on request with packing instructions